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History of RE-GEN

RE-GEN has been meticulously designed for vapers, by vapers.
In 2019, our founder wanted to change the e-liquid game. The outcome was RE-GEN.
Experience the new generation of e-liquid.



Combined Ingredients


Invention Hours



  1. Focus Group

    We gathered a group of vaping experts and held a focus group to discuss what flavours they desired the most. This was the beginning of something special.

  2. The Brand

    Once we knew the flavour line-up, we began designing our eye-catching brand.

  3. Packaging Design

    Once we knew what our brand was, we got to work on the look and feel of the bottle designs.

  4. Flavour Testing

    We conducted intense flavour testing in April to finalise the perfect flavours for the first generation of RE-GEN.

  5. Production Begins

    The flavours are complete, the packaging design finalised so mass production commences.

  6. Product Launch!

    After 6 months of hard work, we are proud to announce the launch of our new range of flavours.